Saturday, June 04, 2005



I was watching the news reports on the girl that went missing in Aruba. They were interviewing her friends and other witnesses and her "best" friend said, "we saw her leaving with three men, they must have put something in her drink because that is not like her."

I also found this in a news report:

Friends saw her getting into a vehicle outside the nightclub. She did not show up to catch her flight Monday. Her stepmother, Robin Holloway, said Natalee was last seen with a local resident who claimed to be a foreign exchange student.

Well my question is what kind of friends are those? I dont know about you, but if i saw one of my friends going out the door with three men, much less to suspect she might have been drugged or something, I damn sure would not let her get out that door, at least not without a scene....I would have been the first one over there saying, "hey where are you going, you dont need to leave." I would have made the biggest scene and believe me, they wouldnt have wanted to take my friend after that...

what is wrong with people today? I remember when I was younger, upper teens/early 20s, that when me and my girlfriends would go out, we would stick together and make sure each of us was okay and make sure we all made it home safely. Do friends not do that anymore?
I feel sorry for that girl and I will tell you what, if they find her and when she gets home, I would hope that she would find some better friends that would watch her back and not let her put herself in trouble. For her best friend to just "WATCH" her go out the door with those guys, and yes she said she saw her go out the door, that is not what i call being a best friend.



At Mon Jun 06, 01:41:00 PM EDT, Blogger Zetirix said...

At least there's a sense of justice.

- Z


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